How To Maintain Your Water Heater For Optimum Performance

Maintaining your water heater can save you a few bucks over the duration of your water heater. When you maintain your furnace running at optimum performance it’ll add years of life to it. Maintaining your heater ant optimal performance is not a hard task. You would like to drain it twice or once to maintain the sediment from building up at the base of the tank. Here’s a step-by-step guide to draining your own heater.

Below are some tools you will need.

Channel-lock pliers

A garden hose

A lien nearby just in case There’s some stray water from draining the tank

Step-by-step Instructions.

Turn off the shut off valve on the cold water side of the heater. You might and/or Need to shut off the valve to the whole home as well in some cases

Turn off the gas valve to the heater. If it is an electric heater turn off the breaker into the heater.

Open the hot side of a faucet upstairs.

Connect a hose to the bottom drain of the water heater and then run it in a floor drain nearby. Enersure Home Comfort РWater Heater, Furnace, & AC Rental :

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