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Mary Pat Realty, was founded in 1974 by two long time residents of the area: Arthur Feltmate and Marg Witty. They had young families and a compelling interest in real estate and their community in general.

Each of them had a young daughter at the time, one named “Mary” and one named “Pat” (Patricia), and that is how the business name, “Mary Pat Realty” was conceived.

The present owner/broker (Doug Burton) began his career in real estate at Mary Pat Realty in 1995 and now operates the business under the name “Mary Pat Realty (2011) Ltd.

Mary Pat Realty has been fortunate over the years in having a roster of solid, dedicated agents, who have a knowledge of real estate in the highland region of Nova Scotia and they stand ready to provide clients with professional service and advice, whether the clients are buying or selling.